Below is just a personal note on some information to track the growth & intention of this practice. With this practice and website, the hope is to share and join with others in looking to regain and maintain health, individually and communally.

In the western education realm, my undergraduate work was done at the University of San Francisco where I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science.  I took some massage (Levels 1 and Level 2) in the Professional Massage Therapy Program at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco.  And when I moved home to Oʻahu in 2006, I continued my massage schooling at a location formerly known as The American Institute of Massage Therapy and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2007.

From this base, training led into Indigenous forms of knowledge and practice. In late 2007 I began studying under my Kumu Lomilomi, Enrick Ortiz, Jr. for Levels 1-4 of his program. Also around this time in 2008 I went through Haku Hoʻoponopono training with Aunty Malia Craver and Lehua Pouha at QLCC in Kalihi. In continuing training with Enrick, we went through a Lomilomi apprenticeship in January 2013, and he has allowed me to assist his classes since May 2014. Enrick’s Kumu is Alva Andrews and the lineage we practice is Pa Ola Hawaii. Healing the spirit is key in this style for permanent health of mind, body and soul to occur.  For Lāʻau Lapaʻau, my Kumu was Levon Ohai. I began classes with him at UH Mānoa in 2009 and appreciate all that he gave in his lifetime. His love is still strong today. Britt Yap is my Kumu for Reiki and her mentoring in this and through Holomua Healing Arts has been impactful and strengthening for me and my ‘ohana since 2018. Considering the expertise of these Kumu and our Oiwi ancestors, I am merely a student. Learning in these is continuous and I am grateful for their knowledge and guidance and that from the higher power and ancestors as well. All of these components make practitioning for families & communities possible.

Other forms of knowledge and practice development have taken place at Hawaiʻinuiākea, Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH Mānoa, where I received my MA in December 2015 in ʻIke Hawaiʻi with a thesis on historical trauma and itʻs health repercussions, bodily, spiritually, governmentally for Kānaka Hawaiʻi. Iʻve also supported a community of growing Mamas through training with New Beginnings Doula Training, and with ʻEhuola – Ka Lāhui o Ka Pō – practitioner training through Kōkua Kalihi Valley’s Hoʻoulu ʻĀina program. Currently in 2020, Iʻm enrolled in a Functional Nutrition program with Functional Nutrition Lab where my goal is to gain a solid counseling foundation to lend experience and share what has worked for me and my family during our times of deep healing.

The knowledge shared with me in these spaces is shared with ʻohana and lāhui to support the healing and growth of individuals, families and community.  Kū I Ke Aloha is my stance with my ‘ohana in connection with my practicing business, The Lotus Blossom In You. In terms of how The Lotus Blossom In You functions, the significance of the name lies in the meaning behind the flower’s growth.  The Lotus Blossom lives in muddy ponds.  This mud can be aesthetically unappealing to some, representing a dingy, sort of mucky state. From an Indigenous lens, this dark walewale is a place of renewal and rebirth, true source and power. And so it is out of this mud that the radiant Lotus Blossom gains strength and emerges as a beautiful display of quiet confidence.

This scenario is analogous to the lives we experience daily. Personal and historical atrocities and hardships are dark periods that can create a blurred and painful living. Truer unpacking and decolonizing on many levels can provide ultimate healing. No matter what level of darkness a person or community experiences, the Lotus Blossom reminds us that we can grow through these times towards a balanced mental, physical, emotional, cultural, political and spiritual existence. Darkness in this way can be revalued and transformative. These times are opportunities for us to learn and grow and be a part reclaiming who we truly are- individually and communally. My hope is that we can work together & support our communities on this path towards justice, truth & growth.

Kū I Ke Aloha,

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed/certified physician or a diagnostician for illness and disease. I ask that you seek advice from your primary healthcare physician prior to visiting me.  Please also understand that I do not guarantee recovery from any health condition.

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