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Eyes to See + Ears to Hear – The Call

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We all feel the shifts + in every breath, commit to truth, justice, peace and the abundance that flows only from a Healed Honua.

Below is a collection of our resources we’ve shared on various posts + media outlets. I felt called to locate them all in a space together. They flow from any and every platformed part of our lives, as we are witnessing the breakdown + rebuild, from the ground up, of all systems within ourselves, our families, our communities + the entire world. The literal new earth, the healed honua…

It exists now and in our transitions, downloads and kuleana in genetic codes from our ancestors, our children faithfully lead our way. May we always lean into clear discernment, stand firm in aloha + pray for our ability to step into and call forth all the cleansing, restoring + humble remakings.

Mahalo for all your inner + of the various realms work. I love you and thank you, Kū I Ke Aloha!

Public Form – Vaccine Awareness, School Mandates

sample, page 1 of 3, click to download complete form

Deschooling + Unschooling Our Lives

Occupied Forces Hawaiʻi Army (OFHA)

international humanitarian law during war times

click for Colonel’s link to repatriation forms, get in touch with your Captain and Lieutenant
  • Occupied status
  • Wartime, civil affairs manuals – scientific approach to individual, systematic hulihia
  • Captains, Lieutenants and civil core on every Mokupuni – find them on Facebook
  • Repatriate and expatriate processes
  • Cut ties from unlawful straw man

Healing for Survivors of Human Trafficking

“Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue + recovery planning.”

– O.U.R., Hawaiʻi

“Operation Toussaint: Operation Underground Railroad & the Fight to End Modern Day Slavery (Feature)”

“Did you know most children are lured into sex trafficking by people they know and trust? They pose as a friend, offering meals, gifts, or just a sympathetic ear.”

– Ho’ōla Nā Pua

Common Law, Jurisdiction,

Birth Certificates + Sovereignty

Here are some links to videos, websites + worded paradigm shifts we are all in the process of understanding on deeper levels of jurisdiction + sovereign rights. These sources live in South Africa, Canada, Scotland and Alaska + sharing their research here serves to connect us, not so much partisan-ly, but more so globally. As a world’s people learning and un-learning systemic, systematic + thousands of years old matrices, there is the unraveling of all that has been used to capture us on paper, in debt, in soul, body, mind + through jurisdiction on the sea.

We are learning + calling in our truths + sovereignty. Together.

  • Maritime (sea) /admiralty/civil/Roman; international law
  • You are not a citizen, anything/one incorporated is a legal fiction, governments = service corp.
  • Legal vs lawful
  • Common law – law of land
  • Unlawful conversion
  • Constructive fraud
  • You/we are living men, women of the living soil; terms “property” in custody cases

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