We live in a complex world, with complex needs. I hope to accommodate our communities as best I can. I take worker’s compensation & no-fault auto insurance clients, and work with them according to the Hawaii state fees and prescriptions set up by doctors. This is one avenue for creating care for those who have insurance and have been in an accident and have pain/trauma from it. A second avenue for care is created for our community members who are looking to obtain and maintain their health, outside of injury related cases and having insurance. In this avenue, people may choose to pay out of pocket and trade things according to a barter system as our kūpuna have.

In my practice, the fees & trades are adjusted accordingly so that all people can have access to and be afforded care in the ways they need it, whether or not they have insurance. This is similar to a sliding-scale or full payment at time of service method employed by other health care systems, including those in the Western medicine fields. Also, the philosophy behind working with and melding worlds is to make true care available to all. No matter which avenue we find ourselves in at any given time, my hope is that we can work together to overcome limitations (financial, health-related) imposed by a Western system on people in need.  If you have any questions about this philosophy and its operation, please feel free to contact me.

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