We live in a complex world, with complex needs + our working together will simplify + accommodate all of our community. In my practice, suggested donations + trades are adjusted accordingly so that all people can have access to and be afforded care in the ways they need it. Melding worlds is key in our timely transformations to make true care available to everyone.

Read and feel through the kinds of support you are looking for…

1-1 Sessions

These complete sessions are 1-1 and include all that Spirit has in store for you and I in this container.

1 session1, 60 min$144
1 session1, 90 min$222
3 sessions (2 Zoom + 1 face to face)we decide$555
4 Zoom sessions
we decide


Lomilomi from a distance

Lomilomi from a distance has made such a difference in my navigation of major world, community, family, and life changes this season. Being heard and seen in a time like we are in right now is rare, valued, and helps me see and listen to others with a desire to make the connections with light and love. This is my part to bring healing and light where I can, and I’m grateful for the distance sessions centering and grounding me for the labor of love.

— M. Wynne June 19, 2020

Great Massage

Meghan did phenomenal! i normally dont like massages but this one was worth every minute. I dozed off a bit and the bones that were cracked felt really well. I have already recommended her and will make a visit next time I’m in Hawai’i

J. Berardo Mar 3, 2020

Consistently amazing

Always just what I need and what I didn’t know I needed.

It’s such a special treat to be able to go to Meg

P. Hong Feb 2, 2020

Hurts So Good!

Meghan is AMAZING! This last time, I had a bunch of knots in my back- making it difficult to breathe. Megan used her special powers to work them out, and I left feeling 100 times better than when I arrived. What I love best about Megan is that she works on your whole body first, then focuses on the places that need it most. Every time that I’ve been to see her, she’ll find the problem areas without you telling her about them, and you just need to breathe through it.

S. D.K. Jan 26, 2020

Wonderfully relaxing and helpful massage.

I have some neck and back aches that Meghan immediately found and worked on even before I mentioned them. She has intuitive fingertips! The scented oils, heated compress, and touch that she made sure was in my comfort zone helped to energize me and loosen tight areas. I need to make this a regular habit!

– B. Lovette-Cole Jan 18, 2020

Meghan = MAGIC

I received a lomilomi from Megan and she was perfect. As an LMT and lomilomi practitioner Im Very protective and discerning of whom i allow to work on my body. Megan is not only attentive to the physical but the spiritual body too and I was 100% at ease. She adjusted my neck, back and hips in addition to giving a superb massage. Mahalo no kou lāʻau tita! The Space is inviting and conveniently located in Kāneʻohe ample and easy to find.

– Kahanu Fung Oct 25, 2019

Best lomilomi ever had.

Meghan’s healing hands and spirit made me feel lighter wen pau. Can’t believe how such a tiny person is that strong ❤️

– G. Kim Aug 9, 2019

Exellent care & Healing

Iʻve been privileged to have many people do lomi and other energy work on my body and Meghan is definitely by far the best. Her strength and intuition is unmatched and i look forward to coming back soon.

– J. H. Osorio Apr 18, 2019

Pure bliss

My Lomilomi therapist Meghan was amazing! I was In complete bliss and relaxation during my session and she is completely professional. The space is a comfortable and clean setting that is also family friendly. Mahalo for my Lomilomi session Meghan!!

– T. Gumapac Feb 22, 2019

I feel like a renewed me

Meghan Au is a top notch Therapist. I neglected my self care for far to long and her hands worked wonders on my neck and lower back. Kind and friendly, she listens to your issues and finds your hidden knots and tight spots with strong hands and capable fingers. I highly recommend with full confidence Meghan.

– C. C. Feb 14, 2019

Feeling recharged

I love going to Meghan for massages! I feel so recharged! I went in to see her yesterday with an aching upper back and neck. I spend long hours hunched over in front of the computer. She released so much of the tension for me that I didnʻt feel that ache today, and she just improved my overall sense of well-being. She took care of my entire body, and when she massaged my scalp, I realized how much of the tension collects there and in my feet. She treats my body with such loving care.

C. Fujikane Dec 13, 2018

Another great experience

A return visit yielded another very positive and very healing experience. Will be back soon.

– H.M. Bishop Aug 6, 2018